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JetPro Facial Treatment In Houston

iLIFE Anti-Aging Center’s Houston JetPro facial represents the latest advancement in skincare.

Adapted from aviation technology, the JetPro system combines hydrodermabrasion, massage, extractions, and nutrient infusions to smooth and revitalize your skin on a deeper level than traditional facials. iLIFE's advanced skin treatments such as the JetPro Facial in Houston awaken an ageless glow so you can look and feel your best.

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What is the JetPro Facial?

The JetPro facial is a multi-step facial that cleanses, hydrates, exfoliates, and nourishes the skin with a fine liquid jet stream and a custom blend of serums. The breakthrough technology is a touch-free and needleless system with no downtime or skin damage.

The patented handpiece fuses water, oxygen, and nutrients deep into the dermis with a high-velocity aerosol stream adapted from the aviation industry. This allows for non-invasive transdermal delivery of beneficial ingredients while also extracting, hydrating, and exfoliating the skin. During this relaxing facial, JetPro’s patented handpiece generates pressurized air to create fine liquid jet streams that massage and exfoliate the skin at a subsonic speed of 600 feet per second. The stream creates tiny microchannels in the skin to optimize transdermal delivery of skin booster infusions. Think of it like a HydraFacial, but better! JetPro’s best-in-class technology revitalizes your skin in four steps:

  1. Cleanse
  2. Exfoliate
  3. Oxygenate
  4. Nourish and repair

What are the benefits of the JetPro Facial?

“Are you feeling okay?” No one likes to hear comments like this from coworkers or friends when you aren’t sick.

When your skin looks tired and depleted, people notice. Aging, stress, sun, lack of sleep, alcohol, toxins, low immunity, and poor diet can exacerbate skin problems. The truth is, it’s hard to keep your skin in pristine condition when you have a busy life.

iLIFE’s JetPro facial takes the guesswork out of good skincare. This advanced facial treatment:

  • Purifies, cleanses, and unclogs pores
  • Diminishes fine lines and improves skin texture
  • Deeply hydrates and plumps dry/mature complexions
  • Exfoliates dead skin, boosts cell turnover, and corrects dullness
  • Visibly improves brightness, resiliency, and imparts a healthy glow
  • Detoxifies, promotes lymph drainage, and reduces facial puffiness
  • Delivers oxygen, vitamins, and antioxidants into the dermis without needles

Customize your JetPro facial with boosters

Your iLIFE facialist will customize your facial to your unique skin concerns. JetPro advanced facial services include boosters such as:

Regenerative Booster

Fight the effects of aging with a collagen and elastin-boosting cocktail of M-007 Fulvate Complex and proteins that diminish the appearance of fine lines and ward off toxins and irritants.

Britenol Booster

Brighten up a dull complexion while lightening the look of dark spots and sun damage with key brightening agents and antioxidants like Vitamin C, alpha-arbutin, and bearberry extract.

Who is a candidate for the JetPro Facial?

Since JetPro’s advanced facial system is customizable, nearly anyone can benefit from the treatment.

It is suitable for nearly all skin types and tones. It is even safe for pregnant or breastfeeding women. If you have medical conditions or sensitive skin, let your iLIFE provider know before getting started.

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JetPro Facial Procedure

The JetPro facial is a comfortable and relaxing experience. Your iLIFE facialist will position the JetPro wand at a 45-degree angle to your skin surface. Once they power the device on, the high-velocity jet streams rhythmically massage your skin to create microchannels, extract, and exfoliate dead skin cells to prepare for optimal transdermal delivery of skin booster infusions. If you are interested in combining treatments, your iLIFE facial specialist can let you know more. The most popular add-ons are LED light therapy, JetPro needle-less lip enhancement, and needle-less PRP.

JetPro Facial Recovery

There is absolutely no downtime. Sensitive skin types may experience some redness that resolves in an hour. Since there is no skin breakage or recovery time, the JetPro facial is ideal for prepping your skin before special events. Your skin may be more sensitive initially, so avoid active ingredients, fragranced products, and prolonged sun exposure.

JetPro Facial Results

JetPro’s patented delivery system ensures consistently beautiful results every time.

Your skin will look brighter, softer, smoother, and younger immediately. For the best JetPro results, your facialist may recommend a series of facials for outstanding long-term results.

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Learn more about the JetPro Facial in Houston

Reveal smooth, hydrated, ageless skin with iLIFE’s most popular facial, the Houston JetPro facial. iLIFE is a leader in technology-driven skincare treatments that deliver real results. If you are seeking an elite level of care in a relaxed, upscale setting, call iLIFE at (855) 354-5433 or use the booking link on this page.

JetPro Facial Treatment
Frequently Asked Questions

Will it hurt?

The JetPro facial is painless, non-invasive, and relaxing.

How fast will I see results?

JetPro delivers immediate results. A series of facials will keep your skin in pristine condition and provide continuous improvement over time.

What are the risks?

The no-touch technology makes JetPro safe and effective for nearly all skin types and tones.

How do I prepare for my JetPro facial?

Your iLIFE provider may suggest that you stop using active skincare ingredients (e.g., retinoids) before your treatment.

What other facials are available?

iLIFE offers a full range of facial treatments that deliver both short and long-term effects. If you are interested in chemical peels, LED light therapy, PRP, or facial rejuvenation, our experienced professionals can assess your skin to ensure that you receive the best treatment for your needs and, ultimately, the best results.

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