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Women's Wellness In Houston

iLIFE Anti-Aging Center is a Houston women’s wellness center focusing on innovative aesthetic therapies for women striving to become the best version of themselves.

With personalized guidance from Houston women’s wellness providers at iLIFE, you can invest in a rewarding future by looking youthful and feeling healthy. iLIFE’s tech-driven solutions improve women's lives in an upscale, boutique setting. iLIFE is revolutionizing women's wellness in Houston with non-invasive solutions including vaginal rejuvenation, facial rejuvenation, body contouring, sexual wellness therapy, fitness plans, and nutritional guidance.

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What is Women's Wellness?

As a woman, your body is always talking. Are you listening? If you notice changes in the quality of your skin, sex life, or overall health, it can be difficult to find the ultimate cause of your symptoms without guidance.

Women’s wellness refers to services that keep a woman healthy from the inside out. Looking after your unique feminine needs allows you to lead a more rewarding, active lifestyle filled with joy and beauty.

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Who is a candidate for Women's Wellness?

iLIFE offers aesthetic and wellness services to all women who want to improve their appearance and health.

Adult women of all ages can benefit from expert guidance and services tailored to their needs. Your iLIFE provider will work with you to determine what Women's Wellness treatments will help you reach your goals after listening to your concerns.

They will also review your medical history and symptoms to ensure you reap the most benefit from your treatments. Instead of pushing services, they will tell you about your options and let you have the final say in your treatment plan. Come speak to the qualified Houston women's wellness providers at iLIFE to start improving your life for the better today.

Women's Wellness Services

iLIFE is a boutique destination that welcomes women from all walks to discuss their female health and beauty concerns without fear of judgment.

Whether you want less body fat, more energy, radiant skin, a satisfying sex life, or to relieve intimate concerns resulting from childbirth or aging, iLIFE meets all your needs under one roof. Our Houston anti-aging center offer a diverse selection of women’s wellness services for you to choose from, including:

O-wave™ Shockwave Therapy

iLIFE offers revolutionary Shockwave therapy for non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation, pelvic floor strengthening, intimate dryness, and enhanced sensation during sex.

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The O-Shot is a quick, in-office treatment that makes an incredibly satisfying sex life within reach for women who want to experience more frequent and intense orgasms, improve pelvic floor strength, eliminate pain during sex, and feel more confident in the bedroom.

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Hormone Pellet Therapy

iLIFE partners with next-generation health companies to deliver hormone pellet therapy through a unique pellet system. They administer pellets containing a customized dose of hormones beneath the skin where you cannot see or feel them. The pellets are the size of a grain of rice and deliver lasting symptom relief for up to three months. Despite their small size, they provide a steady dose of bespoke hormones to the bloodstream, where they go to work balancing your mood, re-awakening sexual desire, and relieving vaginal dryness and night sweats.

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Concierge Fitness

Fitness is important at every age. As a full-body wellness center, iLIFE gives you access to a team of Certified Personal Trainers, technologically advanced ARX exercise equipment, and our expertly designed IFIIT sessions to help you attain your fitness goals and desired body shape.

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Nutrition Plans & Supplements

To accelerate your weight loss and body contouring efforts, iLIFE offers nutrition plans from our Certified Nutritionists, medical weight loss programs, treatment of thyroid disorders, nutraceuticals, peptide therapies, and more. In conjunction with a healthy lifestyle, these services can assist you on your mission to have an ideal body.

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IV Therapy

Vitamin injections and IV therapy can improve fat metabolism, brighten skin, sharpen memory, relieve stress, boost mood, and increase energy levels. IV therapy can even cure a migraine or hangover after a night out socializing with the ladies. Direct injection bypasses the digestive system, ensuring fast-acting absorption of the key ingredients.

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Non-invasive Body Contouring

The Emerald no-touch body contouring machine is a non-invasive fat loss system that uses state-of-the-air lasers to empty fat cells for a slimmer physique after a series of sessions—no surgery or downtime required. This device is the only FDA approved device to treat individuals upwards of 40 BMI with phenomenal results of many inches lost as soon as 1 week of treatments!

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iLIFE offers advanced facial services, including the JetPro facial, needle-less lip enhancement, Botox, dermal fillers, chemical peels, LED light therapy, laser skin resurfacing, and Pixel8-RF microneedling.

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Lymphatic Drainage

Many women store excess water weight and have swelling that makes it challenging to shop for flattering attire. BALLANCER®PRO is a relaxing compression therapy that reduces water weight, relieves swelling, and helps you lose inches circumferentially. Like all forms of lymphatic drainage, it is excellent for removing harmful toxins and excess waste from the lymph nodes. Facial lymphatic drainage is also available to reduce puffy facial skin with advanced JetPeel and LED technology.

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Women's Wellness Results

iLIFE is proud to offer results-driven beauty and wellness treatments for women at every life stage.

iLIFE guarantees their women’s wellness programs can improve your health and increase your odds for a happy, fulfilling life. Many short-term treatments deliver results in as little as a few visits. However, many women come to iLIFE for long-term guidance as they start a new chapter in life. Regardless of your goals, iLIFE will work with you 1:1 until you achieve your desired outcome.

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Don’t let your symptoms lurk in the background and stop you from having the life you deserve.

If you want professional help from a compassionate, educated provider who is invested in improving your life with innovative women's wellness therapies that are proven to work, schedule your consultation today!

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Our world is evolving faster than at any point in human history. The technological advances we make today will have life-changing implications for our future. At iLIFE, we embrace these changes. We look forward to being a part of that future by sharing the latest developments in anti-aging medicine with our members.