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Liquid Facelift In Houston

iLIFE Anti-Aging Center is a modern aesthetic institute that offers the liquid facelift in Houston.

iLIFE’s world-class cosmetic injectors stave off aging with dermal fillers to smooth wrinkles and re-volumize key areas of your face. iLIFE’s facial aging experts restore a fresher appearance and flattering facial contours without surgery. With the Houston liquid facelift, your results will last for six months to two years before needing a touch-up! The results are immediately visible and look terrific. For a long-lasting youthful look without surgery, schedule a consultation with iLIFE.

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What is Liquid Facelift?

A liquid facelift is a non-surgical treatment that uses cosmetic injectables to replenish facial volume and reduce wrinkles at multiple points of the face. Placing dermal fillers strategically in creases and sunken areas restores a youthful appearance without surgery or downtime.

What are the benefits of Liquid Facelift?

A liquid facelift allows you to look young and fresh without resorting to surgery.

The treatment takes approximately an hour, making it a convenient solution for clients who have busy lives. What’s more, there is no downtime.

It is also a fraction of the cost of facelift surgery, which has a downtime of at least two weeks and results in permanent scarring. Another benefit is the results are visible immediately. By choosing a liquid facelift Houston patients can enjoy a younger-looking appearance from day one. The procedure is fully customizable as you will be awake during your treatment. Together, you and your iLIFE injector will create a personalized facial contouring plan.

Who is a candidate for Liquid Facelift?

A liquid facelift addresses a variety of age-related concerns. If you have static wrinkles in the lower two-thirds of your face, thin lips, tear trough hollows, sunken cheeks, a poorly defined chin, or hollow temples, a liquid facelift might be right for you. The ideal candidate is in good overall health. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should not have a liquid facelift. Certain medical conditions are contraindicated. Your iLIFE injector can let you know more. If you have facial skin sagging (jowls), you might consider laser resurfacing or RF microneedling. iLIFE offers a full suite of non-surgical treatments to improve aging skin. They can suggest alternatives in case you aren’t a good candidate for a liquid facelift.

Liquid Facelift Procedure

After listening to your concerns, your iLIFE facial aging expert will conduct a personalized skin evaluation to determine the areas for injection. The procedure itself is minimally painful. Many dermal fillers contain an anesthetic called lidocaine that eases injection site discomfort. They will apply ice or numbing cream by request. They will inject the filler beneath your skin with a fine needle or cannula. Next, they will massage the filler into the desired position to ensure a flawless result. A liquid facelift works beautifully on its own, but it also works well alongside other skin treatments for a more pronounced effect!

Liquid Facelift Recovery

There is no downtime. You can resume your daily activities right away with few restrictions.

Redness, swelling, tenderness, and occasionally bruising may occur. It is important not to massage the treated area or wear glasses until the filler settles, a process that takes up to 24 hours. For the fastest recovery, avoid exercise, alcohol, NSAIDs, blood thinning medication, and drink plenty of water.

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Liquid Facelift Results

iLIFE’s liquid facelift provides instant gratification. Most dermal fillers work instantly to plump wrinkled or sunken areas of the face.

Due to the initial side effects, allow two weeks before assessing your final result. Once you are fully satisfied with your results, you can enjoy a more youthful look for six months to two years on average. The duration of results depends on the specific filler as well as how quickly your body breaks and eliminates the product(s). Come in for a Houston Liquid Facelift touch-up when you notice your results wearing off. By staying ahead of the aging curve, you can remain vibrant and youthful for longer.

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Learn more about Liquid Facelift in Houston

You owe it to yourself to feel confident when you look in the mirror. iLIFE’s facial aging specialists help you maintain a youthful appearance without surgery. To learn if facial contouring is right for you, call iLIFE at (832) 344-3835 or use the booking link on this page.

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