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Hormone Replacement Therapy In Houston

You don't have to live with menopausal symptoms such as night sweats, pain during sex, and mood swings.

iLIFE Anti-Aging Center's advanced subdermal hormone replacement therapy in Houston is clinically proven to reduce the uncomfortable side effects of menopause and restore balance to female hormone levels so you can keep leading an active and fulfilling life. iLIFE offers a unique approach to pellet hormone replacement therapy. Our science-driven treatments deliver tangible results for women seeking lasting relief from menopausal symptoms based on accurate data. iLIFE’s holistic approach to wellness focuses on treating the underlying causes of hormonal disruptions to ensure a more balanced life.

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What is Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)?

As you approach menopause, it is normal to have fleeting moments of panic or dread. You might feel alone since going through this shift in hormones causes some embarrassing and uncomfortable symptoms many women avoid discussing openly.

Rest assured, menopause is a normal part of life, and it doesn't mean your active lifestyle and intimacy need to come to an end. Millions of women in their 30s to 60s experience similar symptoms and, like you, can find relief through hormone replacement therapy at iLIFE. As menopause approaches, estrogen levels fluctuate, resulting in a host of physical and emotional changes. iLIFE's data-driven hormone replacement therapy restores and balances hormone levels to combat symptoms like hot flashes, mood swings, and vaginal discomfort with a proprietary pellet delivery system tailored to your body’s needs. While it won't stop the progression of time, HRT can stop or reverse signs of aging.

What are the symptoms of menopause?

Hormonal changes during menopause can significantly disrupt your body and mind, preventing you from being the vibrant, energetic woman you have always been. iLIFE’s HRT is a tool you can use to manage symptoms such as:

  • Low libido
  • Incontinence
  • Thinning skin
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Slowed metabolism
  • Loss of bone density
  • Hot flashes or night sweats
  • Mood swings and irritability
  • Changes in body fat distribution
  • Missed, lighter, or heavier periods
  • Pain during intercourse (dyspareunia)
  • Anxiety or feelings of dread, apprehension, or doom
  • Disorientation,difficulty concentrating, mental confusion, crashing fatigue, and disturbing memory lapses

Hormone Replacement Therapy Process

Initial Consultation and Testing

iLIFE's philosophy centers on getting to the root of the problem, not simply masking symptoms. If you decide to move forward with our program during your no-obligation consultation, we can begin your blood analysis right away; no need to schedule a second appointment! The findings from your bloodwork allow iLIFE to accurately detect the type and severity of the underlying hormonal imbalances causing your symptoms. By determining exactly what is wrong, iLIFE develops a fully customized treatment plan to fix it.

At iLIFE, we understand that you lead a busy lifestyle. Once we get through with your initial consultation and blood draw, we’ll have everything we need to get you on the path to pellet delivery and results!

Pellet Delivery

The subdermal implantation process takes about 20 minutes. During their hormone replacement therapy Houston patients will have a local anesthetic applied, creating a virtually painless process. Your iLIFE HRT specialist uses a proprietary needle to administer the pellets, each the size of a grain of rice, beneath your skin where they can't be seen. The pellets contain a dose of biologically identical hormones that are customized to your unique needs and released into your bloodstream to balance and optimize your hormones over time.

What are the benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy?

iLIFE's unique subdermal pellet delivery system ensures a steady flow of hormones around the clock for continuous symptom relief. Hormone pellets are a convenient and hands-free solution to hormone replacement. Unlike conventional treatments, there is no need to set pill reminders or deal with messy hormone creams. Simply come to iLIFE for maintenance visits four times a year. iLIFE’s wellness specialists will monitor and adjust your dose as needed.

iLIFE's holistic ideology does more than supply you with hormone replacement therapy to relieve a panacea of menopausal symptoms. Real change starts from within. Based on the results of your bloodwork, iLIFE's data-driven recommendations give you guidance on what changes to make to slow the aging process, increase your energy levels, and improve the quality of your life from a full-body perspective with Houston HRT.

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Who is a candidate for Hormone Replacement Therapy?

If you are experiencing one or more of the symptoms listed, you may be perimenopausal or menopausal, and HRT may be the right choice for you.

Come speak to the highly qualified Houston Hormone Replacement Therapy providers at iLIFE to find the root cause of these symptoms and get started on your journey toward a happier, healthier you. Hormone replacement therapy is not suitable for everyone. You should not have HRT if you have chronic issues with vaginal bleeding, certain types of cancers, a history of stroke, heart attack, liver disease, or blood clots, or if you think there is a possibility that you are pregnant.

Hormone Replacement Therapy Recovery

You can shower and remove the bandage after 24 hours. Any redness and swelling should resolve quickly. After your hormone replacement therapy, you will likely notice some changes during the first few days as your body adjusts to the hormones. Side effects range from breast tenderness to modest weight gain or changes in mood. These side effects are temporary. Trust the process! In no time, you will be back to dinner and dancing with the girls and enjoying the finer things in life without menopausal symptoms getting in your way.

Hormone Replacement Therapy Results

In two to four weeks after your hormone replacement therapy, you should begin to notice positive effects such as improved mood, libido, vaginal lubrication, and fewer hot flashes. After a few months, you will come back to iLIFE to assess your results. We will monitor and adjust your dosage based on feedback from you and the changes to your levels.

Additional Reading

To get the most out of your Houston hormone replacement therapy, iLIFE also offers concierge fitness and nutrition services, Shockwave sexual wellness therapy, and a suite of beauty and wellness treatments. Our iLIFE services work with your hormone replacement therapy to support your health and wellbeing as you transition into the next beautiful chapter in your life.

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