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Hormone Pellet Therapy In Houston

Hormonal changes throughout life can cause significant disruptions to your mind and body.

To slow the hormonal effects of aging, iLIFE Anti-Aging Center partners with next-generation health companies to create bespoke hormone dosing schedules delivered through a proprietary subdermal pellet system. By determining the ultimate cause of your symptoms, iLIFE provides you with a personalized treatment plan, which may include hormone pellet therapy in Houston, for a happier, healthier, and more rewarding life.

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Why are hormone levels important?

Your endocrine system is responsible for producing hormones that control an array of bodily functions. A person who has a hormonal imbalance due to age, illness, medications, or lifestyle choices is likely to notice disturbances in multiple areas of their life.

In some cases, the effects are subtle. For example, you might notice moodiness, less desire for sex, or thinning hair. In other cases, the consequences are serious. Constant moodiness, undesirable weight gain, and a low sex drive can ultimately lead to poor self-esteem, social isolation, and strained relationships with loved ones. The good news is hormonal imbalances are treatable with our Houston Hormone Pellet Therapy. The sooner treatments begin, the better odds you have for a happier and more successful life.

What is Hormone Pellet Therapy?

iLIFE’s advanced pellet delivery system uses biologically identical hormones to restore optimal hormone levels.

The pellets, each the size of a rice grain, are implanted beneath the skin. Each pellet contains a customized, time-released dose of hormones that infiltrate the bloodstream for ongoing, hands-free symptom relief for three months. The pellets eventually dissolve and need to be replaced. Hormone pellet therapy does not just mask symptoms. It treats the underlying problem.

Hormone Pellet Therapy Process

Initial Consultation and Testing

It all starts with blood work. You should not start Hormone pellet therapy without first having your blood panels analyzed by iLIFE’s highly qualified lab technicians. Based on the results, iLIFE provides algorithmic recommendations and guidance on what changes to make to slow the aging process, increase energy levels, and give you the best odds for a longer, healthier life.

Hormone Pellet Therapy Delivery

If you decide to go ahead with pellet therapy, you can begin your treatment the same day. The pellet insertion process only takes 20 minutes. Your iLIFE provider will use a specialized injection system to administer the pellets beneath your skin. You will not be able to see or feel them. To ensure your comfort during the pellet insertion, they will first apply a local anesthetic.

What are the benefits of Hormone Pellet Therapy?

Countless over-the-counter products claim to balance hormones.

However, many are unsafe, ineffective, and require a person to make guesses about their health, which can have disastrous consequences. Pellet hormone treatments take all the guesswork out of how and when to administer the hormones. It is arguably the most convenient and effective form of hormone replacement. The procedure only takes 20 minutes every three months. Most clients notice positive effects in just two to four weeks!

Unlike alternative treatments, you will not need to set pill reminders, deal with messy hormone gels, or apply sticky adhesive patches that irritate your skin. Simply come to iLIFE four times a year to receive your next dose, and that’s it.

iLIFE partners with leading health manufacturers to give your access to the most advanced pellet delivery system on the market. The subdermal implants release a steady stream of hormones for three months. It is a foolproof and hands-off way to receive the ideal amount of hormones every day. Your iLIFE Hormone Pellet Therapy provider will create a customized dosing schedule based on your bloodwork and medical panels. Busy clients will be happy to know that lab work and pellet insertion takes place in one visit.

Who is a candidate for Hormone Pellet Therapy?

If you are invested in improving your health, maximizing your quality of life, and unlocking real solutions to slow the aging curve, then hormone pellet therapy in Houston might be for you. iLIFE also offers a full suite of age-reversing aesthetic and health treatments for men and women. You deserve to look and feel your best at every age!

Pellet therapy is suitable for most people with low estrogen or low testosterone, but it is not ideal for everyone. If you are pregnant, have certain cancers or liver disease, or have a history of blood clots, stroke, or heart attack, they will review your medical background with you to determine if hormone pellets are in your best interest. The only way to determine if you are a candidate is to speak with the highly qualified Houston Hormone Pellet Therapy providers at iLIFE. Don’t hesitate. Schedule your no-obligation consultation at iLIFE today.

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Hormone Pellet Therapy Recovery

You may shower and remove the bandage 24 hours later. Any redness, tenderness, or swelling should resolve quickly. You will likely notice some changes during the first few days as your body adjusts to the hormones. Trust the process! The initial side effects indicate that your treatment is working.

Hormone Pellet Therapy Results

In two to four weeks, you will start to notice life-changing improvements, such as better mood, enhanced sexual function, increased energy, sharper mental focus, and more restful sleep. The effects last approximately three months. At that point, simply return to iLIFE to assess your results and receive your next dose.

iLIFE guarantees you will be satisfied with your results. If you’re not, they will work with you until you achieve your desired outcome.

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iLIFE does not just prescribe hormone treatments and send you on your way. Our providers are highly knowledgeable and care about your reasons for seeking the latest hormone pellet therapy Houston has to offer. As a holistic wellness center, we search for the root causes of your symptoms to determine the appropriate treatments.

iLIFE’s intelligent system reviews your current health and adjusts your dosage levels as your needs change over time. This allows you to optimize your treatments to make a positive impact on your life at every age.

In addition to hormone therapy, iLIFE also offers the Emerald No-Touch laser fat loss machine, JetPro advanced facial services, needle-free PRP hair restoration, Shockwave sexual wellness therapy, concierge fitness, nutrition plans, and more to keep your body and face in optimal condition. iLIFE helps you look good and feel good from the inside out!

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