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FIT3D by DEXA Body Scan In Houston

iLIFE’s FIT3D by DEXA Body Scan in Houston is a remarkable tool that puts you on the fast track toward a better body.

iLIFE’s experienced fitness team ensures you reach your goals with the latest technological advancements and science-driven fitness regimens at iLIFE Anti-Aging Center. A picture is worth a thousand words. Throughout your fitness journey, you have no doubt encountered countless before and after pictures. But, remember, looks can be deceiving! Photos can be manipulated easily. The FIT3D Body Scan delivers precise, accurate, and objective progress tracking to help you stay consistent and meet your goals.

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What is the FIT3D by DEXA Body Scan?

The Fit3D body scanner makes it easy to visualize your fitness goals. This revolutionary scanner uses DEXA scanning technology to provide a 360-degree image of your body measurements with incredible accuracy of up to 4 times greater than previous body scanners.

With this information, you will have an insightful view of where you started as well as how your body changes over time. It also allows you to see what is and isn’t working so your iLIFE provider can modify your personal plan as you go. The scan is non-invasive. In less than a minute, the near-infrared lights scan your body up and down as the platform rotates to create an interactive 3D image of your body. The scan measures volume, height, posture, and fat. It uses a proprietary algorithm based on more than a thousand scans to give you accurate readouts of where you’re seeing improvement and what areas could use additional attention. The intelligent system stores your results in a secure online dashboard with a password-protected login. This enables you to view detailed summaries of your scan at the tap of a finger, 24/7. Yes, we have an app for that.

What are the benefits of the FIT3D by DEXA Body Scan?

Staying fit is important. If you have tried to reach peak fitness through exercise, dieting, and lifestyle changes, you already know there are many factors at play when it comes to staying fit.

It can be overwhelming trying to figure it all out yourself. The personal fitness guides at iLIFE open up new opportunities and solutions so you can achieve your ideal body without any guesswork. The Fit3D by DEXA Body Scan is an invaluable tool to analyze your physique so you can take the next steps toward a healthier you.

Based on the results of your body scan, your iLIFE fitness specialist will provide you with algorithmic recommendations to help you get in the best shape of your life. An optimized fitness plan increases your odds for a long, healthy, and successful life. As you progress with your treatments, you can repeat the Houston FIT3D by DEXA Body Scan scan to measure and compare your results over time. The scan provides unique insights, enabling you and your iLIFE provider to analyze what areas still need improvement. Based on quantifiable data, they can make adjustments to your fitness regimen. This ensures you reach your goals in the shortest time possible.

See your body in 3D

Whether you want to gain muscle, lose fat, slow the aging curve, or stay active for a lifetime, the FIT3D by DEXA Body Scan is an excellent place to start. The platform maps the surface of your body based on 400 data points, providing you with a snapshot of your current health.

Body Measurements

The FIT3D body scan measures the length, width, volume, and circumference of your body in precise detail. The measurements are accurate to one-eighth of an inch.

Body Fat

The Fit3D scan accurately measures your weight, fat mass, and lean mass.


The scan analyzes your posture to show imbalances in strength, flexibility, joint mechanics, and muscle symmetry. These data points are vital since they can reveal pain points that may be obstacles on your path to a better body.

Who is a candidate for the FIT3D by Dexa Body Scan?

If you are serious about reaching your health & lifestyle goals and want to understand your body on a deeper level, the FIT3D Body Scan might be for you.

People who are excited and motivated by results-driven data will be equally impressed. Join the fitness revolution and kickstart your health by speaking to the Houston FIT3D by DEXA Body Scan providers at iLIFE. A lifetime of great health starts at iLIFE.

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FIT3D Body Scan Procedure

Your iLIFE provider will go over everything before your body scan begins. You will step onto the 3D body scanning platform, grab the handles, and stand as still as possible for approximately 40 seconds. The platform will rotate as the sensors scan your body up and down. In just under a minute, it records more than 400 data points, which are then mapped out onto a 3D digital image.

FIT3D Body Scan Recovery

The scan is entirely non-invasive so there is no recovery time or side effects.

FIT3D BY DEXA Body Scan Results

You will receive your FIT3D Body Scan report by email in a few minutes.

Your iLIFE provider will go over the report with you and answer any questions you have regarding your scan. Based on the data gleaned from the report, they will develop a customized plan to help you accomplish your fitness goals. You can also access the report anytime in a secure, user-friendly, cloud-based portal.

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Learn more about FIT3D by DEXA Body Scan in Houston

Getting started on your fitness journey can be daunting. You may not know where to begin or how to reach your goals. iLIFE’s wellness experts provide you with personalized guidance so you can have the body you want in less time and with less wasted effort.

Outfitted with the most accurate tools and technology, they can help you curate a lifestyle regimen that makes your dream body a reality. The Houston FIT3D by DEXA Body Scan at iLIFE makes it easy to understand your body and track your progress. Your wellbeing and happiness are iLIFE’s top priority. Our location in Galleria offer no-obligation consultations, so there is no reason to hesitate. To schedule your personalized Fit3D by DEXA Body Scan, fill out the booking form on this page or call (832) 344-3835 now.

FIT3D by DEXA Body Scan
Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear to my appointment?

The scan takes place while you are clothed in minimal fashion. You will need to wear form-fitting clothing to ensure accurate measurement. Most women will wear a sports bra and underwear or shorts of similar fit, most men go shirtless with closely fitting underwear. Please remove all jewelry before stepping onto the scanner.

Will it hurt?

The scan is painless, non-invasive, and takes less than a minute. You will not feel any discomfort.

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