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iFIIT Concierge Fitness In Houston

Build the physique of your dreams with help from iLIFE’s Certified Personal Trainers.

As a technologically advanced wellness center, iLIFE’s experienced Houston concierge fitness providers offer iFIIT, our cutting-edge fitness program at two locations in Tanglewood and the Galleria.

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What is iFIIT Concierge Fitness?

  • i - Intelligently
  • F - Focused
  • I - Intense
  • I - Interval
  • T - Training

iFIIT is iLIFE’s concierge fitness program: a personalized workout plan that accelerates your results with the latest ARX fitness equipment. ARX is a breakthrough Adaptive ResistanceTM technology that combines advanced computer software and patented motorized resistance for the perfect workout every time. ARX machines rely on scientifically backed components and real-time feedback loops to enhance the efficacy and safety of each rep. Compared to weight lifting, it is up to 94 percent more effective. We offer iFIIT in 4, 8, or 12 sessions depending on your personal fitness goals.

iLIFE’s Certified Personal Trainers are experts in the field of health and wellness. Each CPT-led iFIIT session is a interactive experience that allows you to realize your full potential in just 10-15 minutes! They can help you crush it on the court, get in shape to strut down the runway, or simply fit in your favorite jeans again.

What are the benefits of iFIIT Concierge Fitness?

Adaptive ResistanceTM provides safe, precise, and quantifiable resistance without the guesswork and strain of traditional weight lifting and outdated gravity-based exercise equipment.

With ARX, you don’t have to set your resistance. The groundbreaking technology does all the work for you with an intelligent feedback loop system.

ARX machines apply the ideal opposing resistance in direct proportion to the force you exert during each rep. The handles and foot pads operate at a preselected speed. While the machines have a built-in Automatic Mode, most clients see better and faster results with a Certified Personal Trainer by their side. iLIFE’s Houston conciege fitness trainers are the best in the business. They are committed to making sure you not only reach but exceed your fitness goals.

iFIIT Concierge Fitness

To get started, choose between 1, 4, 8, or 12 sessions with an iLIFE Certified Personal Trainer.

Each session is designed to fast-track your results in 15 minutes. There are two ARX models for you to choose from. Your iLIFE CPT will help you select the right equipment for your needs. Each ARX machine is capable of providing a full-body workout with compound exercises that activate all muscle groups.

ARX The Alpha

The Alpha combines a rowing machine, leg press, and chest press into one quick, streamlined, and efficient workout using compound movements which are essential for maximum muscle stimulation, increases in bone density, and fat loss. The automated experience provides a dynamic range of motion from the comfort of one singular seated position.

ARX The Omni

The Omni is an upgraded fitness machine with all the bells and whistles. It provides a targeted workout for individuals who desire more control and versatility. The Omni allows you to quickly switch between row, deadlift, belt squat, pec fly, hamstring curl, pulldown, chest press, bicep curl, triceps press down, shrug, pullover, high pull, and more exercises in one versatile machine.

Measure and track your ARX results

ARX equipment relies on numerous data points such as your speed, force output, range of motion, fatigue percentage, and more, to continuously adapt to your ideal resistance level.

Your Houston iFIIT efforts are measured and displayed on the screen in real-time. The ARX cloud stores your data for a useful analysis of your progress and results over time. Your iLIFE CPT will help you make sense of each data point by providing unique insights and motivation to keep you moving in the right direction.

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Who is a candidate for iFIIT Concierge Fitness?

If you are ready to work hard, save time, and maximize your workouts, iLIFE's concierge fitness program might be for you. Whether you want to tone up, slim down, or build muscle, they can curate a fitness plan to fit your needs. They will take your goals and health into consideration when creating your customized ARX exercise plan. Speak to the iFIIT Houston professionals at iLIFE to get started on your journey toward a better body today.

iFIIT Concierge Fitness Recovery

Allow your body to rest between sessions as instructed by your iLIFE fitness guide. Drink plenty of water and follow all nutritional recommendations. If you need dietary assistance, iLIFE offers customized nutrition plans and IV drip therapy to help you get the most out of each workout.

iFIIT Concierge Fitness Results

Your iLIFE Certified Personal Trainer will work with you 1:1 until you achieve your goals. Many clients see results in a few sessions, while others realize their full potential toward the end of their prescribed workout plan.

At iLIFE, everything you need to reach your goals is under one roof. For example, if you want to lose weight, you can expedite your results with add-ons such as the Emerald no-touch fat loss laser, hormone replacement therapy, IV drip therapy, lymphatic drainage, and of course a personalized iLIFE nutrition plan. Vitamin Injections and other nutracueticals are also available to speed muscle recovery and enhance your overall health. Monthly FIT3D Body Scans will be used to track all of your progress with shareable content to prove your mirror selfies are real!

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Learn more about iFIIT Concierge Fitness in Houston

iLIFE welcomes all individuals who are striving to be the best version of themselves. Their experienced Certified Personal Trainers help you reach your fitness goals in a judgment-free zone. Start a new chapter and become your best self at iLIFE today. Call (855) 354-5433 to book a personalized evaluation and learn what iLIFE’s iFIIT Houston concierge fitness program can do for you.

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