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Next-Gen Wellness and Hormone Replacement Therapy in Houston

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Next Level Health from the Inside Out

iLIFE Wellness Houston

Beauty is more than skin deep. Your blood has a lot to do with how you look. In addition to oxygen and nutrients, blood carries growth factors, proteins, hormones, and other microscopic messengers throughout the body that cells use to influence their growth and development. iLIFE treats both the internal and external signs of aging to make sure your body looks and feels perfectly balanced and in peak condition.

Getting old is not a choice.

iLIFE Houston Anti-Aging

There’s no way to stop time. However, over the past few decades, scientists studying longevity and the effects of aging on the body have made incredible breakthroughs, unlocking practical therapies that can slow or even reverse the visible signs of aging in some cases. iLIFE is a forward-thinking Houston anti-aging center dedicated to unlocking the potential of the human body at all stages of life through these innovative solutions.

At iLIFE, we analyze the latest anti-aging treatments and bring the most promising and effective solutions to our members. As an iLIFE patient, you will receive a personalized, data-driven anti-aging treatment plan to keep you looking and feeling active, youthful, and vibrant for the rest of your life.

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Consultation + Bloodwork

Drop in to iLIFE Houston Anti-Aging

You’ve got stuff to do. iLIFE gets that. When you come in for your initial consultation, we’ll review your health history and listen to your health goals. Wellness without the wait. That’s iLIFE.

If you feel like you might benefit from our personalized hormone treatment plans, we can take your blood samples right there during your consultation: no need to drive to a lab or schedule a follow-up appointment! Should you decide to move forward with treatment once you get your results, you’ll already be in our system, and our specialists can review your treatment plan with you remotely before scheduling your next procedure.

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Expert science-based guidance in your corner

In your life, you’ve probably relied on the wisdom of experts from time to time to help you improve your performance. This could be a hitting coach in baseball or golf, a mentor to help you level up in business, or a doula to help you through pregnancy. Our Anti-Aging Houston experts are here to share their wisdom with you.

Think of iLIFE as your personal body coach. We analyze your bloodwork, look for ways we can improve your body’s natural balance, and then help you get your levels optimized with targeted therapies and treatments that can range from hormone replacement therapy to specialized diet and nutrition plans.

Whether you are trying to improve your body to get to the next level in your sport or hobby, or just want to look your best for your next big event, our medical experts put science-backed best practices into your personalized plan so you can rise to meet life’s challenges.

Your Body. Your Plan. Your iLIFE

iLIFE builds its plans around your goals and your body’s data to get you targeted therapies that deliver real results.

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Hormone Replacement Therapy

iLIFE’s Houston hormone replacement therapy uses state-of-the-art biosimilar hormones to restore your body’s natural balance. We start by testing your blood to determine your hormone levels. Then, our iLIFE analysts will personalize your therapy to address areas of deficiency. As your levels return to a more youthful level, you will see and feel the difference. We can even take your initial tests during your first consultation so you can get on the path to feeling better faster.

Sexual Wellness

Getting older doesn’t have to mean losing that spark. iLIFE offers multiple sexual wellness therapies, including the P-Shot to invigorate male performance and the O-Shot to help women get there easier. iLIFE also offers J-wave, a noninvasive acoustic therapy device that reverses erectile dysfunction. For the most advanced options in stimulating a better sex life, consult our medical professionals at iLIFE.

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Body Contouring

iLIFE’s commitment to forward-looking treatments includes next-gen body contouring solutions, like Emerald No Touch Laser Fat Removal. Rather than kill fat cells, Emerald uses harmless light energy tuned to specific wavelengths to get fat cells to release their fatty liquids, which are then naturally processed by the body. By preserving the fat cells but purging the excess fat within them, Emerald offers a safer, less damaging fat removal alternative.

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RF Microneedling

Radiofrequency energy use in medicine has been around a long time, but its aesthetic benefits have only recently come to light. RF microneedling uses the power of radiofrequency to stimulate collagen production deep within the skin through microneedles, which create potent channels of healing. The result is tighter, smoother, more even skin, with fewer blemishes and a gorgeous complexion.

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JetPro Facials

Take your facial experience to a higher level with iLIFE’s JetPro Facial. This revolutionary treatment uses compressed air to treat the face with targeted “jet streams” of water and hydrating solution. This non-invasive, pain-free experience exfoliates, hydrates, and reinvigorates your face by allowing its hydrating serum to soak into the skin as it cleanses. This high-level facial heals multiple layers of skin for an incredible glow in less than an hour.

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Anti-Aging Treatments by the numbers

While your personal iLIFE treatment plan will depend on the results of your bloodwork and your personal goals, here are some of the common ages for iLIFE’s Houston anti-aging and body contouring therapies.

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YOUR 20s

Your 20s are all about building the foundation for longevity. The earlier you start this process through programs like iLIFE’s Concierge Fitness + Nutrition, the easier it will be to maintain it later in life. This could also mean taking advantage of iLIFE’s FIT3D DEXA Body Scan to get an accurate picture of your health or Laser and Energy treatments to preserve your youthful skin. Vitamin injections and IV therapy can put your body back in balance after a series of hard workouts or a few wild nights out. (Also, if things got too wild, there’s always laser tattoo removal.)

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YOUR 30s

If left untreated, the 30s are when the visible signs of aging begin to show… or they were, until iLIFE. Now, you have injectable treatments like Botox and Juvederm to smooth away fine lines and wrinkles, Hair Restoration for thinning hair, and our Emerald Fat Loss Laser for a no-touch way to remove stubborn fat. This is also when hormone changes can sneak up on you, so taking advantage of our Hormone Replacement services by analyzing your levels can help you avoid any surprising changes to your energy levels.

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YOUR 40s

Most people experience fairly noticeable hormonal changes during their 40s, from menopausal symptoms in women to a loss in testosterone levels in men. iLIFE’s peptide therapies and hormone replacement therapy deliver data-driven therapies directly to your bloodstream through pellet hormone replacement to keep you feeling energized and youthful. Meanwhile, iLIFE’s sexual wellness services can help you maintain your stamina and passion through these changes.

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YOUR 50s

Your 50s are a vital time in the preservation of your movement and lifestyle. This is where the combination of hormonal interventions like Testosterone Replacement and Hormone Pellet Therapy can keep you moving and stave off more serious age-related declines. Targeted sexual wellness therapies like the O-Shot and P-Shot can boost libido and improve bedroom performance. Facial rejuvenation and liquid facelift treatments can help preserve your skin and avoid looking jowly or saggy.

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If you are 60+ and reading this, you may think it is too late to benefit from the powerful treatments listed above. Nothing could be further from the truth! iLIFE’s Hormone Replacement and Sexual Wellness therapies can help you reinvigorate yourself. At the same time, HGH supplements and Concierge Fitness + Nutrition plans can deliver the push you need to rebuild muscle and revitalize your body. No matter your age, your body can always benefit from being in a better state of balance, and iLIFE’s data-driven approach takes the guesswork out of your anti-aging plan.

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Our world is evolving faster than at any point in human history. The technological advances we make today will have life-changing implications for our future. At iLIFE, we embrace these changes. We look forward to being a part of that future by sharing the latest developments in anti-aging medicine with our members.